Andrew Morrill
Toyota Highlander

Once again, my wife and I purchased a new car from Larry Green, at the DOVE Program. And once again, the entire purchases was faster, easier, and completely hassle-free. Pam and I had been spoiled years earlier, when we bought our minivan (yeah, I said it; proud of it!) with Larry's help. Best experience buying a car ever--no games; no high pressure; no run-around. So we came back to Larry when it was time to say good-bye to the van and hello to an SUV.

Larry arranged everything in advance with just a phone call from me to describe what I was looking for--model, color, options, etc. Two days later, I'm driving off the lot in a 2015 Toyota Highlander that, if I had tried to buy it any other way, would probably been a little out of reach. Nobody can beat or even match the deal Larry makes happen, and I've seen this first hand three times now. Even the financing was done right on the spot and for great terms.

Larry is an educator and an innovator. He started the DOVE program because he understands the challenges to working in Arizona's public schools and trying to stretch too few dollars in too many directions. That's why he has made this terrific program available to AEA members.

I promise you that if you purchase a vehicle with Larry and the DOVE Program, you won't buy another car any other way.

Thanks, Larry. And thanks from my wife, Pam; she even lets me drive our new Highlander now and then!

Lora Zimmer

Late last week, my 99 Volvo started stalling while I was driving. I mentioned to my colleagues that I needed to find a newer Volvo with payments I could afford. Rudy Aguilar, a fellow applied tech teacher, told me about Larry Green and the DOVE program. I called Larry right then and there and within 4 hours, he had found a Volvo for me. I was relieved to know that Larry would be meeting me at the dealership to look at the car. Larry met me there in the morning and stayed the entire time I was purchasing the car. If it wasn’t for Larry, I would not have found the pre-owned Volvo with low miles and a good price. I also would not have felt so at ease when I walked in the door. Larry made the process of buying a car very pleasant and quick. I highly recommend Larry and his DOVE service to any one purchasing a car new or used.

Mia Lorenzen

This was by far the easiest and best car buying experience I've ever had!! Please use this service as it relieves any stress and frustration about buying/leading a car. I give the Dove program and Larry a big A plus!! Thank you, Larry!!

Helene Diamond

Imagine walking into Willy Wonka’s candy factory and every piece of candy is a shiny new car for sale, and Willy Wonka is the car salesman from…heaven. Yes, this place really does exist for AEA members.

The DOVE car-buying program assists teachers and their families with purchasing and leasing vehicles with ease while being treated with kindness and respect.

I was treated like Welsh royalty when I purchased a new car from AutoNation Tempe Hyundai this week. Josh and Laurence, two salesmen who support the DOVE program, both insisted that my happiness and positive experience was their top priority. They took their time to research the best vehicles for my needs through their multi-dealership AutoNation database. They encouraged me to test drive any vehicle that peeked my interest. They paid attention to the small and important features that I need in a vehicle and made sure to exclude vehicles that did not fit my needs or budget.

The majority of the time, I worked with Josh. He was kind and spoke to me with the utmost respect. He treated me like I was the queen of the dealership. His voice was pleasant, his personality was joyful, and his smile was warm and welcoming. He was patient with me and answered all of my questions. He never once rushed me or made me feel like I had to make a quick decision. He not only allowed me to take my time, he insisted that I only make a purchase once I found the perfect vehicle that met my needs. Well, it didn’t take long. After Josh persistently researched his inventory while listening my needs, I went home with a fabulous and affordable new Hyundai. I truly enjoyed this car-buying experience and love driving my new car!

The next time you need to lease or purchase a vehicle, please contact Larry Green who runs the DOVE car program. He will assure that picking out your next vehicle will be like picking sweet candy from Willy Wonka’s candy factory.

Kinora Hernandez
Honda Fit

Purchasing my new Honda Fit was the quickest and easiest experience I've ever had buying a car, thanks to Larry Green with DOVE. From the time I walked into the dealership to when I drove away in my new car was only about 4 hours. Larry did all the background work; I told him how much money I could put down and what my payment needed to be to fit within my budget. Larry even came with me to negotiate my trade-in and to make sure my payment stayed within my budget. I love my new red Honda Fit and I'm very thankful for Larry and the DOVE Program.

Skye Fernande
Ford Focus

The transmission on my Mazda 3 failed a while back, and I had been postponing getting a newer car. As a 7th and 8th grade Math teacher, the idea of spending days, or even hours at a car dealership seemed not only daunting, but completely unfeasable to do. Especially given that we were in the middle of our school year. On top of that, I had always bought from private sellers, and didn't want the headache of searching, inspecting, and negotiating.

Luckily, I texted Larry Green, and literally within a couple of minutes of my text, he called me back. Larry asked me questions about what I had in mind as far as new/used, make, model, etc. He told me he was going to call a few places to check inventory, and have them call me to set up an appointment. I got a call back within an hour, and set up an appointment for the next day.

At the dealership, they really took care of me. I got the sense that the sales rep was trying to help me, as opposed to just make the sale. I didn't have to haggle for a better deal, or worry about ending up with a lemon. They were communicative and transparent in all regards. I was at the dealership for a total of about 3-4 hours before driving off in my very own Ford Focus. Thanks Larry!

Jerri Jasso
Nissan Versa Note

Mr. Larry Green,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your assistance with the purchase of my new car! My previous car was totaled in an accident two weeks ago. No one was injured and this accident was a blessing in disguise. My old loan was a high interest loan at a less than reputable dealership. I had been preapproved by my credit union for a loan to purchase. I then made the call to the Dove Program for any assistance I might need. Well you contacted me within an hour and suggested I meet with Brain Shirley at Tempe Nissan. I had seen a Nissan Versa Note at this same dealership on their website. On Saturday the 23rd of last month you met me at Tempe Nissan and introduced me personally to Brian Shirley.

I was given discounts offered through the DOVE Program and I felt like I was not alone during this whole process of negotiating the purchase. With the discounts offered through the Dove Program for AEA (Arizona Educators Association) Members, I was able to afford my BARELY Used 2015 Nissan Versa Note, Metallic Peacock, Chrome Wheels/Accents, with only 2,900 miles! My old interest rate was 15.5%. My new rate was 7.99%! I have AC and all of the warranties that come with a new car purchase!

Brian Shirley in Sales and Rodney in Tempe Nissan’s Finance Department were so personable and professional that I would recommend this dealership to everyone needing a car. All the more so if they happen to be an AEA (Arizona Educators Association) Member because of your hands on approach to making sure we are well taken care of through the DOVE Program during our car purchase experiences. Thank you!

Julianne Pfeiffer
Honda HR-V

I had always heard how long and hard it was to buy a car. I was dreading the day that my Dad’s car lease would end. I was given a pad of post-it notes in a teacher care package that I received at school. Across the top of the pad was The DOVE program, Discounts on Vehicles for Educators. I called the phone number and Mr. Larry Green answered. I don’t really know much about cars so when Mr. Green asked me what I wanted, I had no idea. I knew I wanted a small car that was good on gas, but a car that my dad wouldn’t have difficulty getting in and out of. Mr. Green asked me a few questions and suggested that I go check out Hyundai. I went on a test drive of two different Hyundais. I liked them, but something wasn’t quite right. As I was getting ready to leave, the salesman pointed to a gentleman and asked if I had met Mr. Green. I hadn’t met him in person until that moment. So I spoke with Mr. Green for a few moments. He asked if I had thought about any other companies. I responded with Honda. He suggested that we meet next door at Honda in a few moments. I drove over and met him at Tempe Honda. He introduced me to a salesperson named Anthony. They showed me a Honda Civic and a Honda Accord. My dad was with me and he preferred the Accord, so we went for a test drive. I knew immediately that it was not the car for me. As I got out of the car back at the dealership, Mr. Green met me outside and asked if I had ever thought about a small SUV because he had seen a car in the showroom that he thought would be perfect for me. I had never told him that an SUV is my dream car. I didn’t think that I could afford it, but Mr. Green said it was $10,000 less than the Accord. Mr. Green showed me the most beautiful car, a Honda HR-V. I immediately fell in love. After sitting in the showroom model and test driving the HR-V, I knew it was my car. Mr. Green made it happen. He told me about a program for recent college graduates to be financed with a lower interest rate and a $500 down payment. He also found me a great insurance company which gave me a good deal even with two accidents on my record. It was only two days from starting the search to driving away with my car. I highly recommend the DOVE program to anyone that works in a school. Mr. Green spent many hours of his own time to make this work and I am grateful for all of his efforts to help find me find my Harvey.

Jeanne Wegener
Honda CR-V

Larry Green with the AEA DOVE program helped to make my car-buying experience easy, efficient and pleasant.

I sent him an email on Friday night and heard back from him first thing the next morning. Within a short time I received a phone call from Tempe Honda and set up an appointment for the next day at 11:00.

When my husband and I arrived at Tempe Honda Mike Johnson met us immediately and took us through the process quickly and efficiently. Everyone at Tempe Honda were patient and polite while walking us through each step of the process. We were in our new car, leaving the dealership in just under 3 hours.

After our purchase was complete, Larry Green again touched base with us to see if the process went smoothly and as expected.

I really felt supported throughout an experience which in the past has not always been a positive one. I highly recommend contacting Larry Green with the DOVE program the next time you are planning to purchase a vehicle.

Brian Trevellyan
Subaru Forester

I naively thought my 2003 Subaru was going to last me the rest of my life, but when I found myself on the side of the road with a broken timing belt and an engine with irreparable damage, I thought of Larry Green and the Dove Program.

My daughter, a paraprofessional working toward her teaching certification, was introduced to the Dove Program by a teacher friend a few months ago when she needed an automobile. Her experience was positive, quick, efficient, and pleasant.

One quick call to Larry telling him I was sure I wanted a new Subaru and he connected me to a Subaru Superstore. After just a few minutes on the phone, my sales person found the ideal car for me at a price I couldn’t beat anywhere. The simple and easy credit application was done and just a few days later, I was meeting my sales person and Larry at the dealership and drove away with my 2016 Subaru Forester.

This experience was not like previous car purchases. No back and forth with the salesperson, the manager, the finance department, etc. No bickering about price and discounts. The sales person and the finance department were aware of the Dove Program and simply added in the discounts and credits without even being asked by me. More educators need to learn about this amazing program!.

Annette Winfield
Nissan Juke

When it came time for a new automobile, I knew immediately who to call, Larry Green with the Dove Program. Larry had helped me eight years ago to find a great 2008 Pontiac Vibe and I needed his help again. I informed Larry I wanted a 2014 White Nissan Juke with approximately 9,000 miles on it. He assured me he would find me a car I would be pleased with and in a short amount of time I received a phone call from a dealer which Larry had contacted. The dealer stated he had a 2014 White Nissan Juke with approximately 9,000 on it for me to come look at. I was shocked when I heard that and even more excited when I saw the car. It was exactly what I was looking for and within the price range I could afford.

Working with Larry Green to buy a new car has been a stress-free, hassle-free and pressure-free experience. This time and eight years ago, I was treated with respect and offered a great price for the automobiles and great financing. Thanks to Larry Green and the Dove Program. I highly recommend Larry Green’s assistance when looking for a new car. When friends, family, and other potential car buyers ask me, “How was your car buying experience?” I say, “Awesome, because I used Larry Green with the Dove Program to buy my cars. It makes for a great car purchasing experience.”

Lise Spangenthal
Honda Pilot

I am so impressed with the service I have received from Larry Green. We had very specific requirements and he found the perfect car at a great price for us. He was extremely responsive and kept communication lines open. I would highly recommend Larry Green for your new or used car needs.