How It Works

Educators and support staff, I know how busy you are. I have made the process of purchasing a vehicle a simple process. Vehicles can be shipped anywhere in the U.S.A.

- Give me a call at 602-290-6212 or email me at
- Tell me what you are looking for and I will do the leg work for you.
- When I locate the vehicle I will have one of my DOVE representatives at the dealership contact you to setup an appointment for you to see the vehicle. The appointment will enable you to have an enjoyable buying experience.
- Leasing is available on all new vehicles.
- The DOVE Program is a member benefit for current and retired members and their immediate families.

The Dove Program has made and will continue to make an annual donation to the Arizona Education Association Foundation to benefit Educators and children in Arizona. I am asking for your continued support as we expand The DOVE Program.
Please let others know about this benefit.

Certain new makes and models may be excluded from the DOVE discount price.

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*For all makes and models not found (new or used), contact DOVE for more information.

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